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TuffyNew Products From ARB, OME, and IPF


Suzuki Air Lockers - That's right! Now the Suzuki crowd doesn't have to settle for an automatic locker. These little guys were tested HARD before the final go ahead was given, so, we know they are tough. We have already received the first production models and have more on the way.
Part # RD72 (rear) RD73 (front)

Ford 9" Air Lockers - Just a quick reminder, the latest version of the RD55B, Ford 9" Air Lockers, are in stock and ready to ship. All new RD55B Air Lockers have the latest and greatest, heavily tested sealing system.

IPF 900 MSR - IPF has reworked the 900 series light, making it better than ever! Major changes include: Multi-faceted, double coated, steel reflectors, a polished, hardened glass lens and a new 130 watt cobalt bulb. The 900 MSR (Multi Surface Reflector) are in stock now and ready to ship.

OME Wrangler YJ Extra Leafs - For those YJ owners that carry a whole lot of weight, Old Man Emu now has the cure, extra leafs. Like all OME springs, the YJ i smodular in design, allowing for adjustments to ride height and comfort as the vehicle changes. Part numbers J1FXL fit leaf spring OMEJ1F while J1RXL fit leaf spring OMEJ1R are designed to increase load carrying capacity and will increase ride height by approximately 3/4 of an inch.

New Portable Air Compressor - We are proud to now offer a more affordable ARB Portable Air Compressor. The new part# RDCPA still utilizes the same ARB air compressor, heavy duty clips and case as the previous RDCP. To reduce the price we have now done away with the costly VDO gauge as well as the quick disconnect on the compressor tank.


For further information, contact:
Air Locker, Inc.
20 South Spokane Street
Phone: (206) 264-1669