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Herculiner     Do-It-Yourself HERCULINER Protective Coating Beautifies, Protects and Saves Money.

Herculiner Northbrook, IL - In the rough-and-tumble world of outdoor recreation, 4x4 vehicles have a tough life. Many have found liners to be the perfect means of both protecting their investment and enhancing the appearance of otherwise battle-scarred tubs, body panels, or bumpers.

For those using their vehicles for off-road adventures and as part of their active lifestyle, Old World Industries has just introduced HERCULINER, the first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) brush-on polyurethane coating kit. Herculiner is an advanced-formula coating of polyurethane and virgin rubber granules that forms a tough, textured protective coating that is skid resistant and prevents rust and corrosion.

HERCULINER is a high quality and affordable alternative to plastic liners and professionally-applied spray-on liners, which can cost upwards of $500 to $600. Plastic liners also require drilling mounting holes, increasing the chance of the very rust that liners are intended to prevent.

"HERCULINER is a breakthrough in the protective coating technology," said Jeff Stauffer, Vice President of Marketing for Old World Industries. "It has all the benefits of a professional spray-on liner coating at a much lower cost." HERCULINER is sold nationwide with a suggested retail price of under $100.

HerculinerUnlike more-expensive dealer-installed spray-on liners, HERCULINER comes in an economical DIY kit that is easy to use. The Kit includes one gallon of HERCULINER textured polyurethane coating, application brush, two rollers, roller handle, and an abrasive cleaning pad. One gallon of HERCULINER covers 60 square feet with two coats. Quarts of HERCULINER cover 15 square feet with two coats, and can also be purchased separately for $29.99. (Suggested retail price) The HERCULINER application process can be boiled down to three easy steps: first, prepping; second, brushing and rolling the coating on the surface; and last, drying time. Preparation is a simple matter of cleaning the surface and masking off the perimeter to ensure that HERCULINER does not get on unwanted areas.

HERCULINER is then applied using the brush and rollers included in the kit; the entire application process takes three to four hours. After 90 minutes, the bed is dry to the touch and is ready for light use in ten to twelve hours. Within 24 hours, the coating is fully cured. In the unlikely event the liner is gouged, HERCULINER can bond to itself making touch up a simple matter of brushing over the gouge. Repairing spray-on liners requires going back to the liner dealer and unnecessary down time and inconvenience.

Old World Industries, a privately-held company with world headquarters in Northbrook, IL, markets and sells automotive parts and chemical products in more than 50 countries. The company's key brands include: SplitFire(r) Spark Plugs and DUAL-MAG(tm) Ignition Wire Sets, PEAK(r) Antifreeze, SIERRA (r) Antifreeze, PEAK(r) RV & Marine Antifreeze and PEAK(r) Premium Windshield Wash.

For further information, contact:
Old World Industries, Inc.
4065 Commercial Ave.
Northbrook, IL
Phone: (800) 477-5847
FAX: (847) 559-2021



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