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COBRA ElectronicsChicago, IL - In response to high demand from the trucking industry for a citizen band (CB) radio that encompasses all of Cobra's state-of-the-art technology features into one single product, and due to the popularity of its new NightWatch* CB radio line, Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), the leading domestic and international manufacturer of consumer electronics and two-way communications devices, announced it has added a Limited Edition CB to its innovative line of NightWatch CB radios.

Cobra's new Limited Edition CB validates the company's long-term strategy of enabling users to communicate more safely and effectively while continuing to offer leading-edge technologies that have established Cobra as the leader in the CB radio industry.

"The trucking industry wanted a product that incorporated all of Cobra's state-of- the-art technologies into one CB radio and we listened," said Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Cobra Electronics. "This is just another example of how Cobra continues to enhance its products, even in an industry like CBs where it is the dominant leader.

"All the products throughout our new line reflect an intensified emphasis on use, design and innovation. Cobra is aggressively focusing its efforts to continue to be first-to-market with two-way communications products that people want to use and need to use," said Mirabelli.

Cobra NightWatchUnlike other CBs on the market, the Limited Edition product is encased in a one-of-a-kind sleek champagne platinum vinyl-clad cabinet featuring Cobra's embossed snake logo. In addition, it features Cobra's new NightWatch* illuminated two-color front panel display. The panel is matte black with easy-to-read function settings that are white during the day. At night, the graphics on the panel illuminates to a soft blue and green, fully lighting the settings for easy viewing.

The unique, solid state, electro-luminescent, multi-colored backlighting, powered by the same technology used in high-tech instrument panels in cockpits of jet fighters, Cobra helicopters and Bradley Fighting vehicles, is used to maximize night vision while minimizing eye fatigue. Cobra's NightWatch technology also features a dimmer control, enabling users to adjust the complete front panel, signal strength meter, channel indicator and status LEDs to their personal taste.

Also included with the CB is a certificate of authenticity that details the performance specifications of the radio. "Professional truck drivers spend 40 percent of their drive time at night, where visibility can be limited," Mirabelli said. "We developed and incorporated the NightWatch technology in our CBs so that users can see the function settings in complete darkness or low light while still providing ultra-clear communications and functionality."

Cobra's Limited Edition CB also features Cobra's exclusive SoundTracker* technology, a noise reduction system that is designed to specifically cut noise and strengthen outgoing signals by more effectively using the available RF power output, virtually eliminating static. In addition, it includes a nine-foot microphone that can be easily reached from any area of the vehicle.

Cobra's Limited Edition CB will be available in June, 2000 while supplies last. It can be found at major travel centers and authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $229.95.

Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading domestic and international manufacturer of consumer electronics and two-way communications devices that help people communicate more effectively. Cobra Electronics manufactures products in a wide variety of markets, including safety/radar detection systems, two-way radios, citizen band radios and CB accessories.


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