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COBRA ElectronicsChicago, IL -Re-inventing the use and consumer appeal of family radio service (FRS) devices, Cobra Electronics announced its new microTALK* FRS-115, the first and only product to combine a digital AM/FM stereo with FRS service into one compact unit. The addition of the AM/FM stereo enables consumers to enjoy the use of a personal stereo while continuing to benefit from the enhanced two-way communications features that Cobra's microTALK FRS radios offer.

The FRS-115 is part of the new line of microTALK two-way radios showcased in Cobra's booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

"Cobra is changing the way two-way radios are used by bringing them to a new level of fun and functionality," said Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Cobra Electronics. "We view the two-way radio market as a key growth area for Cobra because the capabilities and potential for this product are a perfect fit for our technological expertise. Being the industry's first company to add an AM/FM stereo to our microTALK product line is a great example of how committed Cobra is to two- way communications and how we will continue to move this market forward. "

Cobra FRS-115An AM/FM stereo enhancement makes the FRS-115 not only a useful communications tool, but a fun entertainment device similar to a personal stereo, so that it can be used while biking or hunting, at football games, to and from school, at the beach or while exercising.

"Cobra's goal is to continue developing new and appealing features for the microTALK line so people will carry one on their belt or in their purse, briefcase or backpack," Mirabelli said. The microTALK FRS-115 offers consumers clear, two-way communications for up to two miles and access to all 14 communications channels. It also includes stereo headphones so that consumers are able to listen to the AM/FM radio while still benefiting from the two-way communications that family radio services offer. When a communication comes through, the FRS signal can override the AM/FM radio, enabling users to clearly hear the message being sent.

The microTALK FRS-115 is ideal for all types of outdoor enthusiasts including campers, hikers, skiers and hunters who enjoy listening to the radio but want state-of-the-art two-way communications to stay in contact with others in their group. In addition, it enables busy parents to keep in touch with active children and teenagers who are at the playground, outdoors or visiting with their friends.

The microtalk FRS-115 features a convenient backlit LCD display that allows for easy viewing at night or in dark conditions and sports a compact, ergonomic design that includes an ultra-compact SuperFlex* antenna, making it ideal for all types of outdoor activities. In addition, the microTALK FRS-115 features a belt-clip holster that provides consumers with a convenient way to wear the device and can also function as a desk stand.

Other user-friendly features of the microTALK FRS-115 include an incoming call alert, enabling one microTALK unit to ring another simply by pushing the "call" button, and a "roger beep" feature that indicates the completion of one user's transmission and signals the other user to talk.

The microTALK FRS-115 will be available in September, 2000 at most retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $89.95. Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading domestic and international manufacturer of consumer electronics and two-way communications devices that help people communicate more effectively. Cobra Electronics manufactures products in a wide variety of markets, including safety/radar detection systems, two-way radios, citizen band radios and CB accessories.


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