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Your GPS Made More Accurate...Overnite!!!

Washington D.C.
- For years, the US Government has purposely skewed Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data in order to throw off "enemy" users. What that means is that to the common user in the United States, though the GPS is very accurate, the Government can send false data, resulting in errors as much a football field or more. We've found this to be absolutely true in our own tests.

The Government also has the ability to make the data more accurate in specific parts of the world whenever it chooses to. uses for this would be in an enemy strike situation. The GPS data could be made more accurate for targeting or tracking situations.

As of midnight, May 2, 2000, this will all change. The U.S. Government has decided that it will no longer skew the data. So the next time you turn on your GPS, you will gain up to ten times more accuracy than before May 2nd. You should now enjoy accuracy within, say, a tennis court.

Obviously, for those of us on the trails, this means better waypoint accuracy. It will also help in search and rescue situations and in-car navigation systems.



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