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DaimlerChrysler Announces New Advertising Tag Line for the Dodge Brand

Dodge - Grab Life by the HornsAuburn Hills, Michigan, Aug 8, 2001 - The Dodge Division of DaimlerChrysler Corporation announced today that "Grab Life By The Horns" is the new advertising theme line for the bold and distinctive cars, pickup trucks and minivans sold under the Dodge brand. "Grab Life By The Horns" will be the Dodge brand line for all print and television advertising that debuts nationally in mid-September.

"'Grab Life By The Horns' captures everything that makes Dodge vehicles so distinctive: bold styling, superb performance and handling, and Ram-tough capability," said Jim Schroer, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, DaimlerChrysler Corp.

The new tag line was developed in partnership with PentaMark Worldwide of Troy, Mich., and other BBDO offices in New York City.

"Not only does this new line speak to the strengths of our Dodge-branded vehicles, it also is a rallying cry for Dodge customers -- street smart people with active life-styles who are not afraid to express themselves by driving break-the-mold cars and trucks," said Schroer.

"More than expressing a 'can-do' attitude, "Grab Life By The Horns" captures the "must-do" attitude of Dodge's customers and prospective customers."

Dodge Ram"Another reason we're excited about "Grab Life By The Horns" is that it provides an emotional link to the distinctive ram's head logo of the Dodge brand," said Schroer. "The natural symmetry between the tag line and the logo creates a powerful sense of authenticity."

When the print ads and television spots begin next month, Schroer said they will mirror the tough, get-it-done attitude of Dodge.

"The ads will be different than anything we've done before," said Schroer. "They will be bold and uncompromising, a little edgy, and occasionally confrontational, but always fun."

In June, DaimlerChrysler announced a partnership between Dodge and Aerosmith, the legendary rock and roll band. In addition to a consumer marketing and communications campaign, Dodge is sponsoring "Just Push Play," Aerosmith's 48-city U.S. tour now underway.

"Aerosmith will play a large role in conveying the edginess of the Dodge brand," Schroer said, "This great brand, this great band and this great tag line will work together to yield powerful opportunities and benefits for Dodge vehicles."

"Grab Life By The Horns" replaces the "Dodge Different" national ad campaign that featured actor Edward Herrmann. It began in 1999 for the 2000 model year and will end with the transition of the new theme line.

"'Dodge Different' was about book smarts," said Schroer. "'Grab Life By The Horns' is about street smarts. The former campaign served us well, but now it's time to take the Dodge brand in a new direction."

"Dodge products have been breaking the rules for years, starting with the original Dodge Viper, cars with cab-forward design, right up through to the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the all-new Dodge Ram pickup truck. It's about time we started helping our Dodge customers feel proud that there is a bit of them that likes to break the rules, too -- at least once in a while," said Schroer.


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