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Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals
2002 Preliminary Rule Book Less Drastic Changes Than Expected

Riverton, Utah - The American Rock Crawlers Association (ARCA) posted its 2002 preliminary rulebook.

The 2002 preliminary rulebook was open for change from the previous 2000 and 2001 seasons of an Open Class, to having a modified stock and an Open Class. After weighing the pros and cons of two classes versus one, the ARCA found it in the sport's best interest to stick with the previously used Open Class. Although the Open Class, used in previous years, prevailed over the possibility of having two classes, it didn't do so without some changes from the previous season.

One of the biggest changes would be the controversial rule with rear steer. In 2001, competitors were fined three points per obstacle for the use of rear steer. The rulebook for 2002 states that competitors will now be awarded eight (8) points per obstacle for the use of rear steer.

Another new change states "the gates will be marked numerically beginning with 0 at the start gate and counting up. A score credit of two points wills be issued upon completion of the obstacle for every gate cleared after gate 0. For example, a competitor who points out on an obstacle can, after the total of 40 points is given, reduce his score by 2 times the number of gates cleared. A gate is considered cleared once the rearmost position of the vehicle is past the imaginary line between the gates."

For more information, contact ARCA at 801-446-533 or online at www.rockcrawler.org to submit an event location.


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