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Air Lift
Air Lift Introduces Air Commander for Chevy's

Air Lift - Click to EnlargeLansing, MI - Replacement pneumatic sport suspensions become more popular every day, fueled by the growing number of high performance enthusiasts who modify their vehicles. As the market becomes ever more competitive, manufacturers are looking for ways to gain an edge, and consumers are responding in record numbers, realizing that they can demand better performance.

In response, Air Lift Company introduces itsnew "Air Commander" on-board air compressor. Until now, the standard air supply for replacement air suspension systems has been one or more 12Volt DC electrical air compressors, according to Bill Dermond, Easy Street program manager.

"These compressors, rated for intermittent duty only, draw around 16 amps and flow an average .5 CFM," Dermond said. "This means that when the enthusiast cycles his system, he must allow for sufficient time to re-charge the reserve air. Failure to do so results in a very rapid decline in system performance.

But Air Lift's Air Commander solves this problem in an elegant, yet simple way, he explained. "The Air Commander is engine-driven, capable of between two and eight CFM at 140 psi, and flows more air than the typical system can flow in a minute.

"This means that with Air Commander, it is now possible to maintain an inexhaustible supply of air while the engine is running, at all times," he said.

The new system uses an OEM air conditioning compressor core, which essentially guarantees years of trouble-free service. This compressor is an aluminum two-cylinder unit, which can be modified for an air use; because unlike typical a/c compressors that have the lubrication oil in the refrigerant, it has it's own oil sump and splash-oiled lower end, Dermond explained. "By modifying the compressor with an external vent and conversion intake and exhaust manifolds, Air Lift has, in effect, created a durable, high performance air compressor that meets and far exceeds the demands of today's high performance air suspension enthusiasts."

The Air Commander is particularly useful for anyone who regularly carries pressurized air tanks, and can be used not only to operate air springs, but also to air-up or air-down tires, rafts or other air-powered tools, Dermond said.

Air Lift currently stocks the Air COmmander for Chevrolet V-8 engines, and is finalizing systems for Ford and Chrysler V-8s and V-6s, for both domestic cars and light trucks.

For 50 years, the Air Lift Company has been manufacturing a full line of air spring kits, components and air suspension parts for pickups, lowered vehicles, hot rods, drag racing, custom chassis, cars and motorhomes.


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