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Olds Uses Jeep Grand Cherokees to Promote the Bravada

Olds Bravada Bashes the Jeep Grand Cherokee!ST. LOUIS, MO. -- Oldsmobile has a few words for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. "Not So Grand," "Power Envy," and "270 hp? Not in this SUV." As part of an awareness campaign for the redesigned 2002 Bravada, Oldsmobile worked with five St. Louis Jeep Grand Cherokees owners to wrap their SUVs with words describing the benefits of the 2002 Bravada. During the next two months, the "wrap sheet" Jeep Grand Cherokee editions will be seen roaming the St. Louis metropolitan area, appearing anywhere from a shopping mall parking lot to a parade.

The purpose of the program is to highlight the extensive refinements made to the 2002 Bravada. When compared with the popular, segment-leading Jeep Grand Cherokee, the new Bravada drives circles around it. In the spirit of the "wrap sheet" vehicles, that is precisely what Oldsmobile intends to do.

"The Bravada "wrap sheet" compares the 2002 Bravada with another popular SUV in a public way," said Jim Vurpillat, Bravada brand manager. "We want people to know exactly what they are buying and driving. The Bravada delivers superior performance in a sleek package. It's time car buyers knew that."

In the 2002 Bravada, General Motors has introduced a state-of-the-art all-aluminum, four-valve, I-6 engine called the Vortec 4200. The new engine delivers a smooth ride with quick acceleration and punches up 270 hp - providing more power than the popular V8 engine. To enjoy extra horsepower doesn't mean you sacrifice fuel economy. The Vortec 4200 engine is also more fuel efficient than many of its competitors, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The 2002 Bravada's power is complemented by a smooth ride, which is the result of the new five-link air suspension system. The electronically controlled air suspension system utilizes two air bladders constructed of heavy duty rubber, rather than coil springs.

The new 2002 Bravada supports a variety of offerings from Oldsmobile and General Motors, including the Alero coupe and sedan, the Intrigue sports sedan, the Silhouette and the redesigned flagship Aurora luxury sedan.