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Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals
2002 Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals Announcement

Riverton, Utah - At the close of the 2001 rock crawling season, The American Rock Crawlers Association, along with Goodyear and other sponsors who have committed to two-year contracts, announced a very promising season for 2002. Steve Myers, Marketing Manager for Goodyear light-truck tires, said this commitment on Goodyear's behalf would create higher purse values for future events. Ranch Pratt, ARCA President, confirmed this when he announced the new purse goals for 2002, increasing them from $15,000 per event to $25,000 per event. "This goal", said Ranch, "should be very obtainable, thanks to increased support from several sponsors."

The ARCA announced the 2002 itinerary at the close of the 2001 season in Farmington, NM. Ranch said they would start where they ended the 2001 season and end where they started it. Announcing another twist to the 2002 schedule, Ranch left the location of the second event open at this time, asking for suggestions from both the public and participants for a future location.

Another exciting development for 2002 is the new rulebook. The ARCA has sent out a tentative rulebook for 2002 with various changes. The official rulebook will be sent out the first of December.

Finally, the land use arm of the ARCA was set in motion with the appointment of Sandy McCullen as the National Land Use Advocate. Sandy, from Phoenix, AZ is presently on the Arizona Resource Advisory Council (RAC) and has been involved with state land-use issues for years. Her husband, Jack, is an avid off roader.

The 2002 schedule is as follows:

  • March 14-16 Farmington, New Mexico
  • May 16-18 TBA
  • July 11-13 Cedar City, Utah
  • September 19-21 Johnson Valley, California

For more information, contact ARCA at 801-446-533 or online at www.rockcrawler.org to submit an event location.


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