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Bassani Xhaust
Bassani Produces New Cat Backs for TJ, YJ, and CJ

Bassani XhaustAnaheim, CA - Bassani Xhaust introduces the only high-performance, cat-back exhaust system developed specifically for modified and stock Jeep TJ, YJ and late model CJ's. The system is engineered to increase power and performance. H.P up to 10%, torque up to 12%, and it emits a deep 'throaty' exhaust sound.

Easy bolt-on installation replaces stock muffler and tail pipe and mounts to OEM catalytic converter so it's 100% street legal. It is built with totally unique features, superior to any other system on the market. Made in the USA with highest quality stainless steel materials, superior workmanship and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. This system has been tested and proven to be far superior in performance, sound and durability.

The Bassani cat-back for Jeeps offers these exclusive features; the case is a low-profile design (for maximum ground clearance), 18 ga., housing one-piece construction of 304 stainless steel, MIG welded for strength. Belly protection; an exclusive feature combines with muffler case to offer .090" of puncture protection. With this 18 ga., stainless steel plate you get over two-and-a-half times the puncture resistance of any muffler on the market. Hi-Flow design; exclusive Bassani twin stainless steel spiral-louvered cores wrapped with high absorption organic composite material produce a scavenging effect to reduce back pressure and improve performance. The 2 1/4" dia., 16 ga. stainless steel inlet and outlet are reinforced internally to withstand shock and vibration.

Bassani XhaustThe tail pipe is a high-clearance configuration designed for triangulated and modified rear suspension, yet also works with stock suspension. The 2 1/4" dia., 16 ga., stainless steel tail pipe mounts with heavy-duty, urethane "X Bones" hangers that bolt in stock holes on some models, while components of stock hangers are utilized on other models.

Bassani Cat-Back for Jeeps lists for $349.00. To order call 714-630-1821 Bassani Xhaust, 2900 LaJolla, Anaheim, CA 92806. Specify year model when ordering.


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