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Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals
RCAA - Six Regions Creating a Standard across the Nation

RCAARiverton, Utah - The Rock Crawlers Association of America (RCAA) announced in Cedar City, Utah, July 13, six different regional rockcrawling championships. Each region will hold various rock crawls in their perspective areas. People looking to get acquainted with the sport can now compete in their respective regions to see how they and their vehicles measure up. The top five finishers of each region will have an opportunity to compete in the following season of the Goodyear Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals.

Every region will use the same set of rules creating a standard level of competition across the nation. These rules will be created, altered and added to by the RCAA sanctioning board made up of representatives of each sanctioned group.

Rich Klein of CALROC’S will run the Southwestern Division consisting of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, and New Mexico. CALROC’S next event will be held September 27-29 at the Donner Ski Ranch out of California.

Hugh Green, with Rocket City Rock Crawlers, will run the Southeastern Division consisting of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee. They held their first event in Florett, Alabama the 3rd of August 2002.

In other news Ken Shupe and Kevin Nalley from South Carolina broke Mike Shaffer and Lance Clifford’s -of Summit Racing- winning streak with their top finish in Cedar City, July 13th. Leading the series with consecutive wins in Farmington and Vernal, Shafer and Clifford were hoping for a third in Cedar. Not being the only ones looking to win in Cedar, Shaffer and Clifford had to settle for second place to Shupe and Nalley. Shupe and Nalley finished the weekend with a mere 4 points. Shaffer and Clifford finished in second with a score of 45 and running in third was the Fire Ant of Currie Enterprises. John Currie and Jeff Waggoner had a total of 68 points for the weekend.

Leading the series is Shaffer & Clifford with a total of 418, Shupe & Nalley are in second with 404, John and Kip Gilleland follow in third with 400, Jason Paule and Travis Wadeson are in fourth place with 388, and Joel Randall and Mike Vokoun are in fifth with 386 points. With only 32 points separating first place from fifth, the series win could easily go to anyone of these top contenders. All it takes is a broken part or even just some good or bad luck, to move up or down in the series points race. This of course will make for a very exciting event in Johnson Valley, California September 19-21.

Johnson Valley is famous for the number of broken and torn vehicles that succumbed to the jagged boulders in February 2001. With over $385,000 in money and prizes contingent on their performance, every point counts and the competition will be fierce.

For more information, contact RCAA at 801-446-533 or online at www.rockcrawler.org to submit an event location.


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