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Skyjacker 5th LinkWest Monroe, LA - Increase the Traction and Keep the Articulation in your 1987-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler. Skyjacker's NEW 5th Link Traction Bar is the fix for unwanted suspension movement that causes axle-wrap. Axle-wrap relates to unwanted rear pinion changes that causes drivelines to bind-up, driveshafts to buckle, suspension damage and yokes to break.

A heavy-duty crossmember attaches to the factory frame rails as an anchor point in front of the axle. The crossmember has a re-enforced locator eye fitted with greasable polyurethane bushing as a front attachment point for the ‘C’ shackle. This unique ‘C’ Shackle is a key element in Skyjacker’s 5th Link design.

The ‘C’ shackle allows the traction bar to follow the arc movement of the leaf springs and prevents the device from binding. The bottom of the 'C’ shackle bolts to the re-locator eye of the crossmember. The top of the ‘C’ shackle, which is above the crossmember, is where the front of the traction bar attaches. This innovative design has ample room to work because of the clearance between the crossmember and floorboard is more than sufficient. It also keeps your ground clearance much higher... there’s nothing that hangs down.

The 5th Link's strong, cross-braced triangular design traction bar includes an adjustable 3/4” Teflon®/Kevlar® lined, self-lubricating, self-sealing rod end at the front attachment point. This rugged rod end allows the traction bar to swivel, left-to-right, with the articulation of the rear axle. There is no binding and no restrictions of movement where you want it. The adjustment in the rod end also allows you to ‘fine tune’ the desired position of the traction bar.

Skyjacker 5th LinkThe rear of the traction bar has two locator eyes with welded gussets for superior strength. Included with these are polyurethane bushings to absorb the energy and lengthen the life of this unit. This assembly includes greasable fittings, so there are no squeaks to haunt you later. The traction bar connects to the rear axle with ‘weld-in’ attachment plates.

These two precision-cut steel attachment plates (one for each side for a stronger support) are a perfect fit to the rear axle. The front of the plates is where the 5th Link traction bar bolts into place. The rear attachment plates on the axle allows you to ‘roll’ the angle of the 5th Link up or down to get the proper traction setting for your particular YJ. And for optimum performance, the 5th Link’s top bar should be perfectly flat and the ‘C’ shackle should make a straight ‘C’ (not tilted forward or back).

This Skyjacker® exclusive drastically eliminates wheel hop and applies the torque where you want it... Adjustable for most lift heights, the 5th Link is a must for spring-over applications.

To order Skyjacker's New 5th Link Traction Bar from the dealer nearest you, log on to www.skyjacker.com and click on Dealers Search.

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