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Snap-On Introduces Flex Head Speeder Ratchet

Snap-On ToolsKENOSHA, WI - Snap-on Tools Company has introduced the new 3/8-inch Flex Head Speeder Ratchet to offer technicians speed, flexibility and reach to remove fasteners in a variety of situations. The new ratchet easily adjusts to be used as a speeder to turn fasteners even faster.

The Flex Head Speeder Ratchet (FSLF936) features a flexible head that can be positioned in a range of angles to adjust hard-to-reach fasteners. The new ratchet has a narrow head profile to help technicians maneuver and reach into tight spaces.

Technicians can adjust the head and handle of the ratchet to a 90-degree angle and use the tool as a speeder to complete jobs quickly. The speeder provides the fastest way for technicians to manually turn and remove fasteners.

The gears of the Flex Head Speeder Ratchet provide smooth action and require little movement to engage subsequent gears, which is useful for areas with limited access and little space to move. The bent handle of the ratchet provides maximum leverage and knuckle clearance during ratcheting.

The Flex Head Speeder Ratchet is 13.75-inches long and has a speeder radius of 2.62 inches. It is made of precision one-piece forged steel and contains a high-strength internal mechanism with a 36- tooth gear. The patented (4934220 and 6125722) sealed ratchet head keeps dirt out and lubrication in for long, trouble-free life.

Technicians and customers can find out more about the Flex Head Speeder Ratchet by contacting their local Snap-on representative, visiting www.snapon.com or calling 877-762-7662.