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Valley Industries
Valley Industries Introduces new Under-Bed 5th Wheel Hitch System

Valley Industries 5th WheelLODI, CA ­ Valley Industries has introduced a new Under-Bed 5th Wheel Hitch System™ that allows pickup trucks to be quickly outfitted for towing or cargo carrying by eliminating the use of in-bed base rails.

The Under-Bed System allows the 5th Wheel Hitch to mount directly to cross tubes, which are attached under the bed to the vehicle frame with scissor clamps, and secure the hitch to the mounting brackets above. This assembly makes the hitch easily removable for full use of the pickup bed.

“If you use your truck to tow and to haul, the Under-Bed System is ideal for you,” said Bryan Fletcher, president, Valley Industries. “The hitch can be easily installed and removed, depending upon the task at hand. We offer truck owners maximum utility from their vehicles.”

Valley offers a single (part #70650 - rated for 15,000 lbs.) and double (part#70660 ­ rated for 16,000 lbs.) pivot 5th Wheel Hitch for use with the Under-Bed System. Both feature a one-piece jaw for easy hooking and uncoupling of the trailer. The jaw also serves to eliminate annoying rattling noise by wrapping around and securely capturing the kingpin. Each hitch also utilizes a pop-out indicator to provide visual confirmation that the kingpin is in the proper hook-up position. A positive latch system with dual locking devices and a removable handle are employed as enhanced safety measures.

The dual-pivot hitch makes additional use of high-impact rubber bumpers to cushion the pivot movement and a 4º angular pivot to provide tighter control of the tilt and help prevent truck bed damage.

Valley’s Under-Bed mounting bracket system is currently available for 1999-2002 Ford Super Duty trucks (part#70600), 1994-2002 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500s (part# 70601) and 1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups (part#70602). The Under-Bed System prevents the 5th Wheel Hitch from touching the bed of your pickup and can be used in conjunction with bedliners.

Each Valley 5th Wheel Hitch and Under-Bed mounting bracket system is powdercoated with polyester paint for superior rust protection, and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

To find a dealer in your area, call 800.344.3112 or visit www.valleyindustries.com.

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