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Factory Tubular

Factory Tubular BeadlocksSouth Salt Lake, UT - Factory Tubular is proud to announce their new beadlocked wheels, which are built from the finest materials and are powder coated in your choice of several colors! The outer rings are coated yellow and use 16 3/8" bolts and washers to securely attach your tire! The beadlocks are welded to the wheel after the lip is removed, machined, trued, and welded on with a special process to ensure strength and durability.

Factory Tubular beadlock outer rings center the wheel by using a profiled surface against the installed inner ring and can be installed on new wheels manufactured by TWI, installed on your used wheels, or on new wheels that you supply.

Factory Tubular builds Steel/Steel, Aluminum/Steel, or Aluminum/Aluminum beadlocks for different applications, such as racing, rockcrawling, baja, and special applications. Wheels are available with custom backspacing, choice of center types, color choices, and, of course, bolt patterns for every need!

Wheel Pricing:
15" or 16" Steel w/steel tire lock $204.95 ea
17" Steel w/ aluminum tire lock $289.95 ea (For 12" width add $120.00)

17" Aluminum w/aluminum tire lock *** Call for info

Available Wheel Diameter and Widths
Wheel Diameter Wheel Widths
15" and 16" diameters - 8", 10" and 12" widths
17" diameter - 8", 9.5" and 12" widths

Back Spacing:
Typically 3 5/8"
Call for custom back spacing 2" to 4.5"
No additional charge

Bolt Patterns:

Tire Lock:
15" and 16" Steel (16) 3/8" bolts
17" Aluminum (30) 3/8" bolts

If you do not see your application call for availability
Bead locks add ¾" to wheel width

For more information, contact:
Factory Tubular
(801) 799-0586
(888) 201-9548
2984 SO. 300 W.
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

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