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Ultimate Machine Combat!

From the makers of Junkyard Wars comes the ultimate in car wars: Imagine the most difficult video game you've ever played - make it real and you're just halfway there!

Twenty-seven teams from the US, the UK, Russia, India, China, Australia and Europe will battle it out at a secret location for the title of supreme car warriors.

It's modern day gladiatorial combat in homemade cars!

But first they'll have to prove they're up to the challenge. The world's most skilled drivers, mechanics and designers will be given three thousand dollars and just one month to build a car from scratch.

But these won't be any cars - these will be the leanest, meanest fighting machines on the planet with the teams accessing whatever expertise they can get their hands on - from NASA space technology to Bombay's engineering inventiveness - anything goes!

But the creation of these mega machines is just the beginning.

After a month of welding, panel-beating, trouble-shooting, fine tuning and general bodging - the vehicles will be shipped to a purpose-built stadium where they'll be put through a series of car-crushing challenges designed to test their endurance, speed, agility and durability.

It's survival of the fittest with only the roughest, toughest vehicles making it through to the next round.

The final will be a spectacular series of mega-challenges that will push the three top teams and their machines to the limit. The winner will come away with a spectacular prize, the title of World Champion and - even better - the knowledge that they're the best in the world.

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