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Goodyear Retail Store Program is "Good to Go"

AKRON, Ohio - A new customer satisfaction and safety program at all Goodyear-owned retail stores is being labeled "Good To Go," to represent the procedure of releasing a vehicle after its service work has been completed.

On every vehicle serviced by one of the outlets, all tires will be inflated to the manufacturer's specifications before being returned to its owner. And on any wheel removed from a vehicle, store technicians will ensure that the lug nuts are carefully hand-torqued to specifications. Then the vehicle will be considered "good to go."

"If we can build a reputation of going the extra mile and protecting the customer, the customer will appreciate it," said Alan Joiner, service sales manager for Goodyear retail operations. "Recent events have heightened the public's awareness of proper inflation, and the time is right for Good To Go."

Retail outlets will receive posters, counter cards and bay banners ? tools to communicate the program to their customers. In addition, each retail store receives 10 new tire pressure gauges, a new torque wrench, a torque spec guide and a training module that will be shared with all associates.

The program's goal is to further demonstrate a commitment to the retail stores' promise of providing trust, confidence and comfort to customers. At the retail store level, this can be accomplished by eliminating any potential customer dissatisfaction effects, such as overtightened lug nuts that can't be removed by the customer, broken or stripped wheel studs, warped disc brake rotors or loose wheels.

"While we want our customers to know that we are providing them the most reliable service possible, this program also has positive implications internally. We want our store associates to see those Good To Go posters in the shop because it starts with them, and they have to be committed to the program," said John Peer, director of retail operations.

The training module is being used by store managers to train all associates in the new program. Adherence to the program will be confirmed through ongoing safety audits conducted at all stores. The Good To Go process will be practiced at all of the more than 700 Goodyear-owned stores, including Goodyear Auto Service Centers, Just Tires and El Campo Tires.



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