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Muttslinger Introduces a Dog Seatbelt Designed for Off-Road Vehicle Use

Los Angeles, CA - We all take time to get strapped in when off-roading. We make sure that no hands or feet are hanging out while attempting some extreme off-camber obstacle. We even strap down the cooler. So why does CJ, our favorite furry friend, get free reign and maximum risk when he gets to go wheelin' with us? Because. Until now there hasn't been a good alternative. Muttslinger has specifically designed a canine vehicle restraint system that provides your pet with a measure of safety and is easy to use on the road or trail.


The patent pending Muttslinger System is designed to stabilize both the front and rear end of your pooch. This system helps them 'surf' through turns and changes in speed, keeps them from jumping or slipping over the side of an open vehicle when, and is designed to cradle them if you end up wrong-side-up.

Every pet lover is concerned with their friend's health and safety. In our age of travel and exploration more pets are going mobile with their family. The Muttslinger System works the way your dog does, comfortably allowing them to sit, lay down, stand and turn around to check out the view. Despite the freedom of movement allowed by the Muttslinger , your dog is secured in a small area of your vehicle. This innovative system works by attaching to a floor mounting point in any open floor vehicle but is versatile enough to attach to a standard seatbelt in your car or SUV. The Muttslinger is a convenient, easy to use, and affordable way to protect and secure your pet.

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