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Oasis Off Road
New TrailheadAir Compressor From Oasis Off Road

Oasis Trailhead Air CompressorLaguna Hills, CA - The Trailhead has been developed, tested and proven to be the fastest, most powerful 12v DC Air Compressor available today. It is specifically designed for off roaders, and will inflate a 35x12.50R15 tire in about a minute, where other units take over 5 minutes. The heavy-duty compressor is so powerful you can reset a tire bead and even run air tools without a tank!

The hi-performance of this compressor is attributed to the use of a 2.5 hp winch type motor directly coupled to a York compressor which runs at 1650 PRM @ 12v. Tests at 12v have shown outputs from 14CFM @ 0 psi to 8 CFM at 100 psi, with a maximum pressure of 125 psi. At 24v DC performance dramatically increases up to 16 CFM @ 100 psi with a maximum pressure of 175 psi. Trailhead employs a unique high-output design that operates on standard vehicle electrical systems yet consumes no more power than other compressors for the same task.

While outperforming all others, the Trailhead Air Compressor is compact enough to mount on a Jeep. It measures 17" 1 w x 10"h, weighs 45 lbs., and comes with 10'of #4AWG power cable. The unit mounts anywhere on any 4WD truck and can be even used as a portable.

Oasis Off Road Mfg.
22971 Triton Way #F
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: (888)96-OASIS



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