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Kimberley Kampers

Kimberley KamperPleasant Ridge, MI - The future of camping has just arrived in the U.S. it speaks Aussie and comes with its own wildlife!

As rugged as the Australian Outback and reliable as the sunrise, the Kimberley Kamper offers outdoor lovers a rugged, versatile camper than can be enjoyed in the most remote landscapes or in the nearest State Park.

Australian-made and Outback-proven, the Kimberley Kamper weighs a mere 1,890 pounds and features independent coil suspension, gas shock absorbers, hydraulic disc brakes, hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis and 18 gauge zinc anneal steel body panels as standard equipment.

What will really amaze campers is the ease of handling and setup by this Australian original. The camper's cooking facilities and living quarters - complete with a queen-sized bed - can be set up by one person in less than 60 seconds, and that includes unloading the "tinny" (that's Aussie-speak for an aluminum boat!)

The Kimberley Kamper boat loader will also carry canoes or mountain bikes. For motorcycle lovers, an ATV-carrying version of the Kimberley Kamper will be available in the U.S. this Fall.

Additionally, campers can erect a 94-inch L-shaped awning, which can be fully enclosed for added living area, protection from the elements and for those quiet moments before turning in for the night. Added comfort comes from a queen-sized bed which is hinged on gas struts allowing for easy access to the large stainless steel slide out storage bin beneath the bed.

Kimberley KamperThe camper also includes an attachable room that can be used as a change room or a bathroom.

The Kimberley Kamper comes standard with a slide-in/slide-out stainless steel sink connected to a 12-volt faucet, a 20-gallon water tank and a broiler/two burner stainless steel cook top attached to a 30-pound propane tank. Both, slide in/slide out conveniences include stainless steel folding countertop/food prep areas.

Standard features include 12 volt, deep cycle battery, 110 volt battery charger, 12 and 110 volt outlets, numerous storage areas, boat loader and outboard motor mount, Jerry can storage areas and a rugged stone guard which can take anything a twisting trail can offer.

All of this in a striking package less than 14-feet long that will fit into any standard garage. For years, Australians have relied on the uncompromisingly high construction standards of Kimberley Kampers when taking on the rugged Outback. With every purchase we offer a free kangaroo or koala.

What are you waiting for, mate?

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