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Mag-NificentTwo new hot, flamed and cool graphic images - the patriotic Freedom Eagle© and pink, teal, purple and blue Colored Fast Flames™ - have been added to the extensive line-up of bright, innovative, self-affixing magnetic flames available from MAG-nificent Impressions®.

Created by California Hot Rod Hall of Fame artists Art Himsl and Howdy Ledbetter, these shimmering images impart a sense of kinetic energy and personalized styling to any motor vehicle, truck -- highway hauler to pickup -- tractors and farm implements, buses, motorcycles, boats, planes. Motoring action enthusiasts find these patriotic motifs ideal for home, shop, club, garage or office décor.

Proud beak bent forward into the wind, the hard-charging 22" x 5" Eagle Flames trail into a patriotic red, white and blue flourish. Each package comes with two eagles and four hot flame licks.

Easily installed, the highly flexible magnetic Freedom Eagle Flames© are a thin .015" and affix readily to any metallic contours. Each MAG-nificent Impressions® magnetic flame is subjected to a 100 mph pull test and is completely harmless to all surfaces.

The company has just added new, larger 35" x 6.5" Freedom Eagle Flames© in pressure-sensitive vinyl which augment its standard 22" X 5" size. Ideal for boats, trucks, SUVs and RVs, these new Eagles affix to all surfaces - metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, glass and aluminum. As with other vinyl flames in the company's extensive image inventory, these Freedom Eagles© are made in .004" pressure-sensitive FLEXcon and feature four silkscreen runs and a fifth UV coating for long-term protection.

The firm's new Colored Fast Flames™, an addition to the company's Fast Flames™ lineup, have a new "drop shadow" treatment, one adding an image of depth and dimension. Each package comes with six scorching pieces, including two large 23" x 5" images, two mid-sized 11" images and two unique teardrop accent pieces.

The colored flames have been created to fulfill the company's mission, "Changing Automotive Attitude® ".

Freedom Eagle Flames© in the 22" x 5" size are $59.95 for magnetic applications and $58.95 for vinyl. The new larger Freedom Eagle Flames© in vinyl are $69.95 and the Colored Fast Flames are $42.95 plus tax, shipping and handling per set.

To place a direct order, contact MAG-nificent Impressions®, 5063 F. Commercial Circle, Concord, CA 94520. Telephone (888) 543-6995. For online orders and website information, click www.FastFlames.com or e-mail at info@magneticflames.com.