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New Oasis Trailhead Compressor

Oasis Air CompressorLAGUNA HILLS, CA - Now, you can reset a tire bead, inflate huge off-road and tractor tires, spray paint, blow out lines and run air tools in the field. The world’s most powerful 12v/24v DC Air Compressor is now available as a complete bolt-on package designed for heavy-duty use in service trucks, tow trucks, and construction equipment. This system incorporates the high output Trailhead™ air compressor, a 10-gallon tank, pressure switch, regulator, plus all necessary components and fittings for a complete installation.

The hi-performance Trailhead™ compressor produces 175 psi and 16 CFM @ 100 psi and 8 CFM @ 100 psi at 24v DC. It utilizes 5 hp winch type motor directly coupled to drive a York compressor unit. This on-board air package utilizes a ten gallon (20”x30”)ASME Certified air tank, rated at 200 psi. The system comes with a Pressure Regulator, Safety Check Valve and Drain Valve. The compressor has an Adjustable Pressure Switch and is connected to the tank with a braided Stainless Steel Hose. Automatic Couplers are provided.

The heavy-duty Trailhead™ Air Compressor System (Part # TAC-T10) measures 38.5”L x 24.5”H x 10.5” W and weighs 90 lbs. Installation is a simple four-bolt mount and battery cable hook-up.

For more information or to order, contact:
Oasis Off Road Mfg.
22971 Triton Way, #F
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: (949) 768-4311