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MONROE, MI - Rancho is pleased to present its RS5000 series long travel shock absorbers. Available in 34 and 36 inch extended length, it is designed to meet all your special application needs. The RS5000 is a twin-tube cellular gas design with ten-stage valving offering you the most affordable, highest quality, best performing shock absorber.

Here are just a few of these shocks impressive features:

  • Designed to have a true 34 or 36-inch extended length
  • 34“ extended length shocks offer 14” of travel
  • 36“ extended length shocks offer 15” of travel
  • High performance construction with proven off road durability
  • Includes universal mounting hardware.

For more information on the all-new Rancho RS5000 long travel shock, contact your Rancho dealer or write to:
Rancho Suspension
One International Drive
Monroe, MI 48161.

To locate your nearest Rancho dealer, call 1-734-384-7804. Rancho also can be found on the Web at