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Napier Enterprises

Napier EnterprisesNiagara Falls, NY - Napier Enterprises is proud to introduce the latest addition to our camping accessories family, the Sportz SUV•MINIVAN Tent. The Sportz SUV•MINIVAN Tent provides you with the ultimate in tent camping design and allows for amazing flexibility. This one of a kind product wraps around the cargo area of your vehicle allowing use of its interior for easy access storage or as an inclusive sleeping compartment.

Featuring a large entrance door & windows, aluminum poles, full-size 6’x6’ canopy, gear loft and mesh pockets for additional storage, the Sportz SUV•MINIVAN Tent sets up in minutes and allows you the convenience of being able to drive away while your tent remains standing.

This 8-1/2’x8-1/2’x7’ high tent provides sleeping space for four along with the additional space provided by your SUV or minivan. The patented wrap around sleeve can be completely removed which leaves you with a self-contained ground tent. This is by far the most versatile tent on the market.

Sportz SUV Tent will be available for sale at your local outdoor retailer this summer, visit www.sportztrucktent.com for more details.

Suggested retail: $199.95