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Mid-Season 2002 RCAA Heads to Cedar City

Riverton, Utah, June 25 The Goodyear Skyjacker Extreme Rockcrawling Nationals is now at the midway point in the 2002 season. The second half of the year kicks off in Cedar City, Utah July 11-13. Coming into this event Mike Shaffer has the lead in the series with consecutive wins in Farmington N.M and in Vernal UT. This makes the history books as no competitor has won two consecutive events in RCAA’s four-year history. Trailing behind him at a distance of only three positions (6 points) is Joel Randal. Joel is very consistent and has the luxury of the second position being much less stressful. Equally distanced behind him is Jason Paule. When RCAA’s President Ranch Pratt was asked about the tight points race, he responded, “It’s far from over, last year Shannon Campbell dropped from 2nd to 8th in one event. One broken part or clipped gate can change everything.

The third event being in Cedar City is very critical. RCAA started rockcrawling competitions in the Cedar area and it quickly earned a reputation as one of the hardest areas in the country. Survival here is critical for those who wish to take the title. Cedar City is known for its hospitality to RCAA, it’s competitors, media, and fans. Maria, the Marketing Director for Iron County Tourism said, “Everybody loved the event.” She also said it was a success adding excitement to Cedar’s annual July Jamboree. This year expect even more participation and some very important announcements being made at the July Jamboree.

In other news, RCAA’s President Ranch Pratt promised no new rule changes at the beginning of the 2002 season, except in the name of safety; addendums could be added. In short the following rules were added and made effective May 15th 2002. In respects to safety. (1)”Judges will not start an obstacle without all areas of the course being clear of spectators.” (2)“If, during the timed portion of an obstacle, spectators cross a pennant barricade the judge may stop the clock and progression of a team/competitor until such time as the course is cleared. (3) “Spotters straps may not be wrapped around the spotter’s wrist.” (4) Penalty points may now be assessed if a competitor breaks RCAA rules. “This includes all rules including sportsmanship which may be in addition to disqualification.

On another note, RCAA is pleased to announce the support of Tuffy Security Products to the sport of rock crawling. Tuffy is the leading manufacturer of security consoles in the four-wheel drive industry, especially in the Jeep arena. “Having Tuffy as a sponsor adds greatly to RCAA’s credibility and we are excited to help in any way possible with their marketing efforts,” said Pratt.

Mid-Season Points and Standings