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ERoCC Announces 2002 Schedule

The Trail Keepers Foundation would like to announce the series schedule for the upcoming Eastern Rock Crawling Championship (ERoCC) to be held in the JROCC event facility near Jellico, Tennessee.

ERoCC event dates are as follows:
- April 19 - 21
- June 21 - 23
- July 26 - 28
- September 6-8

The top finisher from the ERoCC series will be named the Eastern Rock Crawling Champion. In addition, a group of top finishers from each ERoCC event qualifies to advance to the World Super Crawl Finals held by UROC later in the year, and will have the chance to compete for cash prizes and the right to be crowned the UROC Champion.

ERoCC is a series of four rock crawling competitions sanctioned by the United Rockcrawling and Off-road Challenge Series (UROC). The events will be held in and around the Jellico Rock Obstacle Challenge Course (JROCC) located near Jellico, Tennessee. JROCC is a unique undertaking aimed at satisfying the need for a facility East of the Mississippi to handle extreme sports events like rock crawling.

The Trail Keepers Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and maintaining multi-use trails, has created JROCC to allow clubs, organizations, and companies to hold events. The Trail Keepers is organizing the ERoCC events to increase its exposure, raise funds for trail maintenance, and increase tourism to Jellico.

For more information on the ERoCC series of events, please visit the ERoCC website at www.erocc.com or contact Chad Adams or Tim Rettig.

Chad Adams Tim Rettig
(513) 248-4639 (513) 469-2412
cadams@dugan-meyers.com tim@trailkeepers.org

For more information about JROCC, visit www.jrocc.com.

For more information about The Trail Keepers Foundation, visit www.trailkeepers.org.

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