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BEDNETKnoxville, TN - Introducing our new patented product the BEDNET Cargo Restraint System (U.S. Patent # 6,152,664).

The accidental loss of unsecured cargo results in vehicle damage, highway collisions, and even passenger death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's National Center for Statistics and Analysis, there were 83 fatalities linked to road debris in 1999. States are currently proposing laws that require pick-up truck cargo to be properly secured. Also, the state of Florida has instituted a program allowing cellular phone users to alert the authorities immediately when siting dangerous debris in the road. Now available to every truck owner is a functional, durable, simple answer to this serious problem. The BEDNET Cargo Restraint System.

BEDNETSome of the unique features of the BEDNET :

  • The BEDNET utilizes it's very own patented "Quick-Tite" Buckles. They are made of super tough nylon and contain no moving parts. Our buckles are designed to tighten and release with ease.
  • Every BEDNET is constructed of high strength 2" polyester webbing sewn together with industrial strength polyester thread.
  • All components of the BEDNET have been designed to help protect the finish of the pick-up truck.
  • Every BEDNET comes with a durable storage case, that easily slides behind the seat.
  • The BEDNET accentuates the style of any pick-up truck.

Preventing damage to the truck, its cargo and insuring the safety of fellow motorists is always a challenge to the truck owner. If used properly, the BEDNET Cargo Restraint System can make our roads and highways safer.

BEDNET is a DBA of Adrian's Incorporated. The BEDNET is manufactured in the USA. For additional information call 1-866-4BEDNET or visit our website at www.thebednet.com.




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