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DaimlerChrysler Statement in Response to Jeep® Liberty Product Changes

Editor's Note: Last month we told you that Jeep was going to lower the Liberty.
Jeep has issued this official statement:

Auburn Hills, MI - May 3, 2002 - Our evaluations and those by others, including leading international motoring magazines in Germany and the United States as well as government agencies, repeatedly show that all Jeep® Liberty vehicles perform well in a wide range of government mandated and industry accepted safety and accident-avoidance tests. In fact, Consumer Reports gave the four-wheel drive Jeep Liberty the same 'good' rating for emergency handling as all other compact SUV's tested in its evaluation published in the May 2002 issue.

With a year of Liberty sales, we have been listening closely to customer feedback and preferences, as well as looking at real world use rates for both on- and off-road travel. As part of a continuous improvement process, the Jeep Liberty was lowered by 22 mm (7/8 -inch) at the front and 19 mm (3/4-inch) in the rear for a smoother highway ride, while preserving the off-road capability. The change was effective in early April, and does not affect products produced prior to April.