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ORO Releases AirRock Coil Spring Replacement System

OROPrior Lake, MN – OffRoadOnly, LLC introduced AiROCK™ Coil Spring Replacement System for 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ’s to provide in-cab adjustable 4” and 6” lift systems that replace the bent and sagging springs with OffRoadOnly’s Airspring Kit.

The AiROCK™ airspring replacement kits are available in many configurations. The offerings range from a rear only kit to a complete quad spring 4 corner kit. They range from a manual version to our deluxe electronic In-Cab Control system. All of our systems for the TJ are available for the intended lift height of either 4" or 6". For the 6" systems we recommend a long arm type of suspension system. These systems can provide 2” to 12” of in-cab adjustable spring height.

The 4" and 6" four corner kits are designed for total vehicle control. These systems are available with either the manual control system or may be upgraded to an electronic In-Cab Control (ICC) system, either the standard or deluxe version. The four corner kits come complete with four airsprings, electro-polished stainless mounting brackets, fittings, airline, and all other items necessary to assemble the kit.

OROThe rear only applications are intended for the individual who wishes to only utilize the rear airspring to accommodate an increased load carrying capacity. These are available with either a manual control system or maybe upgraded to utilize the In-Cab Control (ICC) system. These kits come complete with the airsprings, electro-polished stainless steel mounting brackets, fittings, airline and all other items necessary to assemble that kit.

The manual control systems consist of an air valve attached to each air spring. They may be mounted remotely and allow the operator to utilize any air supply to increase the airspring pressures to accommodate more or less capacity. The valves utilized are identical to a tire valve stem, thereby allowing adjustment from any source that can inflate a tire.

OROThe In-Cab Control systems are electronic. These units consist of a stainless steel switch enclosure that contains two, four or six switches for the deluxe version. Mounted between the switches is our proprietary digital display to provide the operator with details of the settings on each airspring as well as the tank pressure. The two switch ICC is designed for a two channel system, allowing for control of the rear only applications. The four channel ICC controls the four corner kits, it has four switches to control the airsprings. The Deluxe version has two additional switches, one to provide the All-Up/All-Down function and a locking switch to engage the air compressor circuit on your vehicle.

Kit’s are immediately available for any Jeep Wrangler TJ from 1997-2002 with 4” or 6” lifts. Prices range from $595.00 to $2,495.00

OffRoadOnly, LLC specializes in products that refine off-road performance for late model Jeep vehicles for the rapidly growing rockcrawling community.

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