BFGoodrich Tires New Mexico State Rockcrawling Championship Results

ProRockFarmington, NM
- The ProROCK (Professional Rockcrawlers Organization) National Series' second event, the BFGoodrich Tires New Mexico State Rockcrawling Championship, was held in Farmington, NM, April 27-28, 2002.

The well-equipped teams, made up of 14 Modified Stock rigs and 28 Trophy rigs, converged on the Rock Garden expecting to experience a technical and tough competition. Bob Hazel, of Sports in the Rough!, had prepared exactly that; a course system with extreme turns, tight wedges, steep crests and very little room for error. The obstacles were unforgiving and uncompromising.

Classes of vehicles are divided to help promote the sport of 4x4 competition, allow for creative growth, and maintain manufacturer awareness. The intent of the Modified Stock Class is to stay within factory designs while allowing aftermarket modifications that are normal in the 4x4 recreation sport. Trophy Class is intended for vehicles with very few limitations on modifications.

Each class is paid out to the 10th place position. The Top 10 of each class from Farmington, NM, are listed below:

Modified Stock
Place Team# Driver Spotter Score
1 88 Mello Ahern 309
2 32 Sisson Sisson 338
3 17 Waggoner Waggoner 332
4 9 Hawkins Christiansen 328
5 7 Pickering Albright 304
6 77 Nesselhuf Block 302
7 31 Crook Cliffor 278
8 00 McGee Mizell 266
9 98 McDaniel Schubring 257
10 55 Soults Mires 227


Place Team# Driver Spotter Score
1 1 Blume Attaway 371
2 11 HOwe Lazelle 370
3 112 Jordan Watson 370
4 27 Robbins Luly 368
5 0 Paule Wadeson 367
6 23 Monk Steele 364
7 26 Hildebrand Shugart 364
8 16 Durham Gillen 362
9 120 Evans Geiger 359
10 71 Schwiesow Schwiesow 345

Trent McGee, Promotions and Marketing Director of Superlift Suspensions, confirmed, "The courses were set up in such a way, that though they were highly technical, it was the team effort that brought the successes."

McGee also asserts, "I'm very pleased with the courses, and the organization as a whole. Superlift is proud to be the Title Sponsor of ProROCK."

2002 ProROCK events are scheduled for Oklahoma 6/8-9, Indiana 8/24-25, Utah 9/14-15 and Nevada 11/16-17.

Each of the six ProROCK events is a high profile State Rockcrawling Championship competition that stands on its own, designed to test the limits of the competitors and their vehicles, and to provide excitement for spectators at all event locations. Fearless competitors will take their best 4 out of 6 event finishes towards the Superlift ProROCK National Series Championship Final. The prize money opportunity, not including the many big sponsor prizes, can reach almost $110,000 per class over the six event Superlift ProROCK National Championship Series.

Superlift Suspension Systems is the Title sponsor for 2002, with BFGoodrich Tires, Randy's Ring & Pinion, Tractech, Yukon Gear & Axle, and Black Diamond Suspensions as National sponsors.

Sports in the Rough!

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