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Bully Dog
Bully Dog Introduces Torque Dog Plus for Cummins

Bully DogAberdeen, ID - Torque Dog Plus ‘03 is the latest version of Bully Dog Technologies’ plug-in module, designed especially for the new 2003 Dodge Cummins 24 valve engines.

The Torque Dog Plus 03’ module increases horse power by advancing fuel timing and altering fuel delivery, which provides a more efficient burn of the diesel. The Torque Dog has proven reliable and should be used with Bully Dog’s Watch Dog digital gauge. If more horsepower is desired, the Torque Dog works well with Bully Dog’s Bully Booster modified fuel injectors and exhaust system.

Bully Dog’s innovative ’03 plug-in module is programmed to switch between stock, 40 hp and 80 hp. The ’98.5–’02 model adds up to 70 hp and increases torque by 181 ft. lbs. Both are easy to install, and provide safe horse power increases that do not compromise everyday driving.

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