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Air Zone
Airzone Recreation Introduces New Tent Technology

Airzone TentKelowna, British Columbia - After huge customer demand and many years of development it has finally arrived. Airzone Recreation Inc has patented the Pneumatic tent pole technology that has hit the camping industry by storm and has created huge worldwide interest.

Air Zone tents are manufactured and look like any other tent, except they have “Pneumatic poles” they are the same weight, size and design as any other standard poled tents, without the rigid poles. It is by far the easiest tent in the world to set-up and take down.

Our Pneumatic support system replaces rigid poles with tough durable air poles that withstand the harshest weather conditions. This process has eliminated the huge frustration factor of assembling and disassembling the tents allowing you to concentrate on your pleasant camping experience. These tents will completely self-erect and deflate themselves in complete darkness, rain, and wind keeping you safe and dry.

Airzone TentThis technology allows several easy convenient ways to inflate your tent, for example: CO2 cartridge 8 seconds, air tank 20 seconds, bicycle pump 45 seconds, spare tire 15 seconds and electric battery compressor 120 seconds, As you can see, this tent is quick and easy with no confusing instructions.

The best part of all when finished camping simply release the valve, sit back and watch the tent deflate in seconds. It is easily stored very conveniently in its own carry bag and ready for you next camping experience.


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