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IPF HIDSeattle, WA - ARB USA has just released a new HID (High Intensity Discharge) driving light system by IPF that promises exceptional quality and performance at a cost that is considerably less than most other HID kits. Available through ARB USA as the IPF 900 HID system, these incredibly powerful auxiliary lamps will easily illuminate the road, trail and anything in between. With a visible range exceeding 1,000 feet and three times the light output of conventional halogen systems, the 900 HID illuminates the darkest of conditions with ease.

Although HID systems for automotive applications are not new to the industry, previous systems commonly received criticism in three areas. IPF developed the 900 HID system to provide all of the optical benefits of HID while addressing these criticisms:

1. Cost: By combining the very latest HID technology with one of the most proven (and mimicked) high-performance driving lights in the industry – our IPF 900 series – IPF engineers have managed to keep development costs to a minimum thus translating into a retail price that is considerably less expensive than the competition.

2. Ramp-up: IPF has utilized the very latest HID technology to minimize the “ramp-up” time needed for the lights to produce their full intensity. Once the user activates the system using the IPF Remote Control Switch, the 900 HID system responds instantaneously by saturating everything in their path with a flood of brilliant, white light. Unlike other systems that can take as long as 30 seconds to reach peak operating intensity, the IPF HID system produces peak output within a few short seconds.

IPF HID3. Wiring/Installation: Previous HID systems could be complicated and labor-intensive to install, especially in late-model vehicles with elaborate electrical accessories and minimal under hood space. The 900 HID features an extremely simple, yet premium quality wiring loom with a self-contained, solid-state module in place of conventional relays. This module also receives a remote signal from IPF’s wireless switch, thus enabling the user to mount the activation switch in virtually any location with no wires passing through the vehicle’s firewall. Lastly, unlike other systems that require the additional installation of a remote-mounted ballast, the IPF system features an integrated unit for added simplicity.

How they work – HID systems produce a brilliant white light by establishing a high-voltage (30,000 volts) electrical arc between two electrodes within a sealed glass tube. Once the arc is established, the system’s ballast lowers the voltage to normal operating conditions. Because there is no filament to break or disintegrate, the service life of an HID bulb is approximately 3,000 hours, as opposed to a standard halogen bulb’s lifespan of less than 400 hours. The light produced by HID is of a much higher “color temperature” that closely resembles sunlight, thus reducing strain and stress on the driver’s eyes. Despite the massive amount of light produced from the 900 HID, the 35W bulbs will not strain your vehicle’s charging system.

IPF HIDFeatures:
• HID light intensity combined with IPF optics
• 35W high intensity discharge bulb
• Polished, hardened glass lens
• Multi faceted, double coated metal reflector
• Internal gussets for strength
• Stainless steel rivets & hardware
• Multi directional mounting system
• Full 1-year warranty

• 8.5”H x 7.5”W x 6.5”D Complete Kit Includes:
• 2 Lights with integrated ballasts & weatherproof connectors
• Complete snap together wiring loom & solid-state module
• Wireless, remote control switch
• Removable amber Lexan covers

• Locking nuts (highly recommended)
• Light stays
• Light covers

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