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Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals
RCAA - Johnson Valley Results and Series Totals

RCAAJohnson Valley Results

Series Totals

Riverton, UT- October 10, 2002- The Rock Crawlers Association of America (RCAA) kicked off the 2002 season finale with a bang in Johnson Valley, CA. Coming into the last event of the season, the competition was tight and fierce. The eroded plutonic boulders are famous for reeking havoc on suspension, axels, drivelines and the teams state of mind.

According to Ranch Pratt, RCAA’s president, “the competition was both fierce and very close as predicted”. At the end of the day John and Kip Gilliland came out on top taking first place with a score of –41. Joel Randall and Mike Vokoun came in second with a –38. Don Robbins and Steve Luly finished in third trailing Randall and Vokoun by only one point with a –37.

Mike Shaffer and Lance Clifford lead the series coming into Johnson Valley. In second place was Ken Shupe and Kevin Nalley who were followed in third place by John and Kip Gilleland.

When all was said and done team Shaffer and Clifford took first place in the Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling National Series with a total score of 550. Team Gilliland came in second with a very respectable 540 and in third place was team Randall and Vokoun with a total of 524.

Thanks to RCAA’s supporting sponsors: Summit Racing, Advance Adapters, Warn Industries, Currie Enterprises, Tuffy Security, JP Automotive Teraflex, Trailready, Genuine Steel and especially Goodyear and Skyjacker; RCAA paid out (as promised by RCAA president, Ranch Pratt) more than twice the amount of what was paid in the previous season. A grand total of eighty five thousand dollars was paid out in the purse alone at the Johnson Valley event. More than three hundred and eighty thousand dollars was available during the 2002 season in contingency monies, RCAA’s purse and giveaways.

On top of contingency money, giveaways, and RCAA’s purse, team Shaffer and Clifford were presented with an exquisite traveling trophy. Introduced & presented for the first time, the new Goodyear Cup was made out of pure silver in Great Britain and stands a total of 22 inches tall.

The names of team Shaffer and Clifford as well as all previous RCAA series winners will be etched on the Goodyear Cup. Additional rings will be attached to the lower portion, adding to the height of the cup as future names are etched upon it.


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