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Safety Seal

Safety SealPEABODY, MA - Seal rims and bead leaks with easy to use SAFETY SEAL Aerosol Bead Leak Sealer. This new product comes packaged in a convenient aerosol spray can with a specially designed, non-clogging precision spray nozzle that will seal approximately 100 beads per 110z. can. This product is especially handy for the professional using a rotary tire mounting machine. Just spray as the tire turns, and seals a bead in one quick revolution.

This is also a great item for Off-Roaders and All Terrain Vehicles Riders that need to seal a bead to the rim quickly, and get back on the trail. SAFETY SEAL BEAD LEAK AEROSOL can save time and money without the mess of a brush on type sealer.

SAFETY SEAL BY NORTH SHORE LABS. can be contacted at 1-800-888-9021 or visit their web site at www.safetyseal.com

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