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New Recovery Block From Northamerica 4x4

Northamerica 4x4Northamerica 4x4 has a new recovery gear product called a recovery block. It comes in three sizes, depending on the strap size and vehicle weight that you are pulling. The blocks come in two, three and four inch sizes.

Recovery blocks allow you to do angle pulls with a tow strap. You need two vehicles to make this work. One has to be stuck and the other has to the pulling. A recovery block works very well in tight area's with trees. For example, if you slid off a trail sideways and the more you try to get out the further in you go. The recovery block can be a great help in getting your rig free. It is much faster than a winch.

Put your strap to more use and try out a recovery block. You can't go wrong with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a life time guarantee against breakage.

Never four wheel alone. Every one who four wheels needs a recovery block. You just don't know it yet!

You can purchase recovery blocks and other adventure gear from Northamerica4x4.com
E-mail : Northamerica4x4@aol.com or call (702) 250-0191







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