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nth Degree Mobility
Nth Degree Shock Shifter

nth Degree Mobility Shock ShifterCarson City, NV - Nth Degree Mobility offers their Shock Shifter kit for relocating TJ rear shocks. Fits stock D35 & 44 axles, as well as custom axles. The SS relocates the axle end of the shocks outboard by 5” per side, tucking them close to the rear wheel where it is much harder to hang up on those pesky rocks.

Stability is increased with a ‘sea-leg’ orientation due to the widened stance. The SS upper bracket eliminates the need for the old bar pin, and shock eyes are reoriented on both uppers and lowers to a front-to-back orientation, so extreme articulation doesn’t wear out the bushings or snap the ends off your shocks. The right rear shock is also moved further away from the exhaust, accommodating larger aftermarket tailpipes. The frame bracket is bolt on, and the axle bracket is weld-on.

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