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Power Train Savers
Power Train Saver Protects Axles, Diffs & Shafts
Power Train SaverVauxhall, AB - Nowal Pierson was an owner and operator of his own trucking business who experienced breakdowns on his fleet with excessive downtime and repair costs. Knowing his trucks, he discovered that most over-torque damage to the truck goes undetected, as the vehicle is still functioning after over-torque occurs. The damage can go unnoticed, sometimes for months, although most of the time within one to four weeks the truck components will break down at an unexpected time. The driver at that time has done nothing wrong as the damage took place previously. Discovering a solution to these expensive repairs, Mr. Pierson designed, created, and developed the torque fuse system. The torque fuses are by far cheaper to replace than differentials, drive shafts, gears, axles, etc. This system protects the truck components from these costly expenses, and there is no downtime.

The Power Train Saver is mounted into the drive shaft. It has three slots in which the three torque fuse pins sit. The torque fuses are designed and engineered to shear. This shuts down the differential before any other damage can occur. This saves the whole drive train from over-torque damage. The fix is quick and easy because the driveline has remained intact on a support bushing. With the Power Train Saver you can install the torque fuses in minutes and you are back on the job. This unique unit comes in all sizes to fit light, medium and heavy duty trucks and will work on many other types of equipment and in a variety of applications. The torque fuses are engineered, tensile tested, weigh rated, accurate, and very durable. The range starts at 1 (2000ft/lbs) and goes up at 500ft/lb increments to 13 (8500ft/lb) for small trucks and equipment. For large trucks and equipment, Torque Fuses start at F (5500ft/lbs and go up at 1000ft/lb increments to Z (25500ft/lbs). This allows you to customize your set-up, put in the torque fuse you need for your particular configuration, so that now you can virtually eliminate all over-torque damage.

Power Train Savers continues to market in North America. This company is growing and the uses of the Power Train Saver torque fuses are endless though the focus remains on the trucking industry. This innovative approach finally allows you to put drive train protection in place to save your trucks and equipment from over-torque damage.

Power Train Savers is setting the standard in power train over-torque protection.
See demonstration video at www.powertrainsavers.com.

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