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Green Filter USA Introduces Line for Diesel Pickups

Green Filters for Diesel TrucksMT. BRADDOCK, PA - Green Filter USA(r) introduces its high performance air filters for today's most popular Ford, Chevy and Dodge diesel pickups. A Green Filter(r) brings an average 5% horsepower increase, improved throttle response, better fuel mileage and greater torque throughout the engine's RPM range.

Green Filter now offers an air filter for the 2003 6.0L Ford Power Stroke(r) V8 Turbo Diesel (#2455), 2001-2003 Chevrolet Duramax (#2006) and the 2003 5.9L Dodge Cummins (#2378).

"Among performance upgrades, a Green Filter is the most convenient, inexpensive option you'll find," said Jason Early, sales and marketing director, Green Filter USA. "You can improve towing capability and overall engine output by simply dropping a Green Filter into your air box."

A Green Filter is also a money saving investment. Paper filters typically retail from $10 to $15, and are recommended to be replaced every 3,000 miles or with every oil change. On the other hand, a Green Filter never needs to be replaced, and requires only occasional cleaning - meaning it can pay for itself in only one year. As well, all Green Filters carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Three unique design elements give Green Filters a distinct advantage over competing products. Foremost among these is a 2-layer, woven cotton construction. Most common high performance filters are made from layered cotton gauze, a material that wears quickly and allows oil and worn cotton to be drawn into the engine from intake pressure. Green eliminates these problems with an interlock weave that creates a thinner, more durable filter that ensures sustained airflow with filtration reduced to 5 microns, and allows for repeated cleanings.

To prevent air leaks around the seal, Green utilizes an inventive rigid pleat design to help the edges around the rubber stay sealed to the air box. Green pleats are aligned parallel to the width so that more pleats can be fit to the filter. The result is a greater surface area allowing for better air passage and improved engine power.

Finally, where many other filter companies employ pressure mold injecting to speed up manufacturing, Green Filter uses a precision four-stage, handcrafted molding process. Injection molding frequently results in 20-25% blockage of the flowing surface area due to rubber spillover. By adding the extra quality measures, Green ensures that its filter moldings are almost exact around the edges - eliminating wasted surface area and improving overall airflow.

To determine the correct vehicle fitment, visit www.greenfilterusa.com and click on the "Vehicle Reference" link. Green Filters can be purchased online or from the country's largest automotive specialty warehouses.


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