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New Jeep Valve Covers from PML

PML Jeep Valve CoverInglewood, CA - PML now manufactures a valve cover for Jeep 4.2 Liter/ 258 cubic inch engines. These engines were produced from 1981 to 1987 with stock plastic or stamped steel covers that were prone to leaking and oil blow-by. PML designed the cover to solve these problems and add a custom look to the Jeep engine.

The PML Jeep valve cover provides the strength and great looks of sand-cast aluminum. The unique fin design adds a custom look. The Jeep 4.2 Liter/258 cubic inch engine comes in four possible fastener configurations. The PML valve cover works with all possibilities and has provisions for the use of studded bridges and head bolts.

The cover features a precision-machined 0.200 inch-thick gasket flange for a uniform clamping force on the gasket. This prevents leaking that is common with stamped steel or plastic covers.

PML designed a large baffle and integrated it into the cover. Other covers have small baffles screwed onto the cover. Integrating the baffle into the casting increases manufacturing costs but is a great improvement in functionality. The small baffles allow the oil to blow by and block the PCV valve. The large baffle on the PML cover blocks the oil and solves the PCV “blow-by” problem. Integrating the baffle into the casting ensures that no screws will loosen and fall into the valve train.

The PML Jeep valve cover is available in three finishes: as-cast, black powder coated, polished.


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