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New Superlift Suspensions for Jeep TJs

SuperliftWest Monroe, LA - Need a lift for your Wrangler? Superlift is proud to introduce versatile 2", 4" and 6" suspension systems for all 1997-2004 Jeep (TJ) Wranglers‹including the Rubicon model. At the top of the line, Superlift¹s 6" lift system (pictured) takes the TJ to the next level of off-road performance. Also, it was designed so that TJ owners who already have a 2" or 4" Superlift kit‹or who want to start smaller and grow later‹can effectively upgrade to the 6" system without having to throw away a bunch of components.

Highlights of the complete 6" system begin with front- and rear-axle Rockrunner lower trailing links that incorporate a swivel to enhance articulation. Other major kit components include bumpstop extensions, swaybar extensions, new Superide front and rear coil springs (the rear springs have different rates for hardtop and soft-top TJs), high-density rubber coil spacers, a dropped pitman arm, transfer-case lowering plates and new Superide shock absorbers. (Upgraded Bilstein shocks will be offered as an option.) Also included are adjustable front and rear track bars to center the axles under the Jeep and to eliminate bumpsteer and wandering.

To step up off-road performance even further, Superlift has optional Rockrunner upgrades: a high-clearance skidplate and replacement upper link arms that incorporate a swivel to further maximize articulation. Combine the Rockrunner arms with Superlift¹s optional and easy-to-use front and rear swaybar quick-disconnects and extended braided-steel brake hoses for the ultimate in suspension flexibility. A heavy-duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit (sold separately) is required with this system to alleviate rear driveline angles, and a speedometer recalibrator is available too. All together, the system provides enough room for most 35" tires on standard-offset rims. Upgrade kits are also available to convert both the 2" and 4" systems to 6".

No cutting or welding is required for this 6" lift system, and all of Superlift¹s components are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Superlift also offers a complete line of Jeep suspension lift applications from 1946-present. For more information, contact your nearest Superlift dealer or call 800/551-4955. You can also visit www.superlift.com for additional information on this system and the rest of the extensive Superlift product line.


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