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Big Daddy Offroad
Big Daddy Offroad Introduces Mac Daddy Rear Bumper Tire Carrier

Big Daddy Offroad Rear Mac Daddy  bumper & tire carrierHigh Point, NC - When trying to decide what rear bumper to run on your jeep, some questions always come up. Should I go ahead and shell out the bucks for a tire carrier bumper, or save some money and go for a rear bumper only. BigDaddyOffroad has finally answered the age old question.

Introducing the two piece BigDaddyOffroad Mac Daddy rear bumper tire carrier.This innovative design allows you the choice of a rear bumper with a bolt on tire carrier that can be added any time you want be it immediately or years down the road.

We started with the trail proven Mac Daddy base.With it’s 3”x3 x3/16” tubing, close body fit, and extra corner protection, it was the perfect platform to start with. We then set out to design a tire carrier worthy of the base. What we came up with is the bolt on Mac Daddy rear swing-a-way. This tire carrier is made of 2”x2”x1/4” tubing with a greasable bearing on the pivot side and a screw pin latch on the other end to anchor it to the base. Other features include a built in stop at 90 degrees and a stop at the latch to keep the bumper from ever swinging into your jeep body. The tire carrier attaches to the base via holes that are pre-drilled into the base and then securely bolted down to provide a rugged, rattle-free rear bumper tire carrier combo that can easily handle a 36” tire

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Big Daddy Bumpers are available at www.4x4rockshop.com


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