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Changes Mind About Open Enrollment At Camp Jeep

Auburn Hills, MI - 2/24/2003 - The folks at Jeep made a u-turn today in their decision to allow non-Jeep owners to attend the two Camp Jeeps this summer. In December, we reported,

"For the first time, Camp Jeep will open its doors to the public on the Saturday of each event at both locations. 'People really have to see Camp Jeep and experience it for themselves to believe it,' said Bell. 'The pride our owners have for their vehicles and the fun they have is amazing. It begins with their passion for the outdoors and continues with the camp environment and music. We want to show 'non-Jeepers' what the fuss is all about!'"

Apparently, due to the outcry from Jeep owners, the folks at corporate have changed their minds and only Jeep owners will be allowed to pass through the hallowed gates at the two Camp Jeep events being held on June 26-28 in Charlottesville, Virginia, and August 14-16 at a new site near Santa Barbara, California.

It would seem that the folks up in Michigan really do feel that it's a Jeep thing and nobody else understands.




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