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New Products From Staun

Staun 329Australia - Staun Products, an Australian manufacturer of 4WD accessories who invented the world famous Staun Tyre Deflators have done it again with their development of a complete 4WD cleaning and corrosion protection system that really does ease the chore of cleaning a vehicle.

The cleaning system is operated using the innovative Staun Massojet Underbody Buddy. You simply clip your backyard hose onto the wand for a powerful spray that will clean all of those hard to reach areas. It is ideal for cleaning chassis rails, between guards, behind engines, under wheel arches or on rooftop guttering and can also be safely used on boats, caravans, jet skis and motorbikes.

The corrosion inhibitor, Staun 329, protects against rust corrosion and is a ready to use vapour corrosion inhibiting, chemically engineered, multi-functional formulation that provides unprecedented penetration, lubrication and corrosion protection to a variety of metals. It is designed to eliminate two of the four elements of corrosion cells, enabling the corrosion process to be shut down.

To apply Staun 329 to a vehicle you simply clip the liquid applicator, filled with Staun 329, onto any Staun Massojet model and you will have the perfect delivery system for this innovative corrosion inhibitor formula.

Staun MassojetLee Davis, Marketing Director of Staun Products said, “A challenge was initially provided to our research and development team to develop an easier way to clean down a 4WD vehicle, particularly after a tough and dirty day of off road driving. We discovered the biggest problem people face when trying to wash away dirt and grime is inadequate water pressure and so the Staun Massojet was born. By simply clipping it onto a standard garden hose you are provided with a high pressure stream”.

The Staun Massojet will also minimise water wastage, with the water flow control at your fingertips and as a smaller quantity of water is used to create greater pressure, water is used more efficiently,” Mr Davis said.

Mr. Davis discussed how the development of the Staun 329 corrosion inhibitor was also in the pipeline at the same time. “As 4WD vehicles, due to the nature of their use, are more susceptible to corrosion we were searching for an inhibitor formula that featured all of the best attributes of other inhibitor products but without their down sides i.e. a greasy finish and a smell that never disappears.” Mr. Davis said.

Mr. Davis then went on to say, “When the original Staun 329 product was complete it could be applied by using a pump handle spray bottle but as the Staun Massojet came into its final development stages we saw its potential as the perfect delivery system for the inhibitor formula. So we quickly developed an attachment for the Massojet that you can fill with Staun 329 and the wand will then distribute an even coat of the inhibitor all over the vehicle including the hard to reach areas.

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