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ERoCC and SFI Create Roll Cage Material Spec

The Eastern Rock Crawling Championship Series (ERoCC) has commissioned the SFI Foundation to create the design and material specifications for roll cages that will be used in rock crawling competitions. SFI has created roll cage standards for many different applications such as race cars, dragsters, and tractors used in pulling competitions. Many
sanctioning bodies, including the NHRA, use SFI specifications.

"Rockcrawling competitors are always looking for ways to create a lightweight vehicle." said Tim Rettig, spokesperson for ERoCC, "The proper roll cage design becomes much more critical when you move to more lightweight material. Our specification will be similar to the NHRA's ' Driver Pod' design. This type of design can be fit into many different
types of vehicles and is only concerned with the cage that protects the driver compartment. This allows the competitor to do whatever they want in front of, behind and under the driver pod, which is required due to the many different vehicle designs that compete in rockcrawling today.

SFI will study the forces that rockcrawling roll cages are exposed to and will then work with competitors and manufacturers to create a specification that will work well in compeitition. The specification is anticipated to be available for the 2004 season.

About SFI
The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment. Manufacturers of equipment are the primary users of SFI standards. Some standards are adopted as part of the rules of race sanctioning organizations. Ultimately, the consumer benefits from the program as it establishes recognized levels of performance or quality for a product. For more information, visit their website at www.sfifoundation.com

About ERoCC

The Eastern Rock Crawling Championship Series (ERoCC) is the first and largest rock crawling series exclusively held in locations east of the Mississippi. A relatively new motor sport, rock crawling is a form of competitive four wheeling in which a team of driver and spotter must navigate a vehicle through a course of obstacles in a set amount of time.
Rockrawling has been popular for several years in the Western US, and ERoCC has been successful at adopting the sport to Eastern terrain. For more information, visit their website at www.erocc.com.


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