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Nth Degree Mobility
Nth Degree Mobility Introduces Zig Zag

Nth Degree MobilityCarson City, NV - New from Nth Degree Mobility, the Zig Zag is a leaf spring shackle replacement for extreme droop on YJs, CJs, and XJs (there is also a DIY kit for other applications). The ZZ is a unique option for increasing wheel travel, limited only by the length of your shocks.

Many applications can achieve 8-10 inches of ‘shackle separation’, generating 4-5 inches of additional down travel at the wheel. When the spring falls away (droops), the end of the spring follows a large arc from the other side, just like the axle does - reducing spring fatigue by lessening the sideways twist in the main leaf. The suspension’s lateral stiffness is preserved by the ZZ’s crossbar assembly, maintaining on-road handling by preventing bushing twist due to cornering loads.

The ZZ easily bolts on, and a lockout mechanism is included for travel security. The ZZ is compatible with stock or lift springs mounted over or under the axle.

For more information contact Nth Degree Mobility at 775-885-8454 or visit www.nthdegreemobility.com



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