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New "Sport Mod" Aluminum Beadlocks from High Impact

High-Impact Sport Mod Aluminum BeadlockShingle Springs, CA - High Impact is proud to announce the addition of a new style of aluminum beadlock to their line. The "Sport Mod" Beadlock consists first of a forged wheel center section welded to a lightweight, strong and resilient spun aluminum wheel. A forged aluminum alloy inner lock ring is welded in place of the outer lip of a conventional wheel shell, and steel threaded nut inserts are pressed into this ring.

A formed STEEL outer locking ring is then secured to the Inner ring by 32 grade 8 bolts. This outer lock ring is formed such that it accurately fits the bead of a tire. This means proper centering, easy balancing and leak-free operation, and a rolled edge so as to not cut sidewalls and for bolt protection. This is the only thus formed steel lock ring on the market. While aluminum is desirable for the main portion of the wheel, for beauty and lighter weight, a steel outer ring is more desirable as this is the portion that must resist continual direct abrasion by rocks.

Available in Sizes 15x8, 15x10 in all popular bolt patterns including 5 on 4 ½, 5 on 5 ½, 6 on 5 ½ and 8 bolt.

Contact High Impact NOW. Dealer inquiries invited. More info at website.
Website: www.high-impact.net Telephone: (Toll Free) 888-898-4331


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