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Hundreds of European Jeep® Owners Head for the Hills
for Euro Camp Jeep 2003

Jeep Cherokee Red River EditionLa Thuile, Italy, Jun 26, 2003 - Over 800 Jeep® enthusiasts in close to 350 vehicles will descend upon the Alpine resort of La Thuile, in Italy, next weekend to take part in a jamboree that celebrates ownership of the world’s most famous 4x4 vehicle.

Euro Camp Jeep is a three-day annual gathering exclusively for Jeep owners/enthusiasts and their families from across Europe, and even beyond. This year’s event takes place June 27-29, 2003. While participants bring their own vehicles, three of the latest Jeep vehicles will be there for owners and potential customers to explore: the restyled Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Cherokee Red River Edition and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Euro Camp Jeep has grown into a ‘must-do’ event for our owners and enthusiasts in Europe, and this year’s event is certain to be our biggest and best ever,” said Thomas Hausch, Executive Director of International Sales and Marketing, Chrysler Group. “Jeep is the only brand to bring this many customers together, from all over Europe, for one special weekend every year. The fact that customers budget their time and money to attend Euro Camp Jeep is testimony to their passion for the Jeep brand and what it represents.” In the mountains of Northern Italy, in the Valle d’Aosta region, participants will test the go-anywhere, do-anything capabilities of their vehicles - and themselves - in a unique and scenic environment and share their experiences with other Jeep enthusiasts, all in an unforgettable, convivial atmosphere.

Euro Camp Jeep 2003 offers participants a host of different activities ranging from demanding off-road driving trails to GPS navigation and survival trials, to educational roundtable presentations that inform owners on topics such as the latest developments in Jeep technology or off-road driving techniques.

This special Jeep weekend is completed by many other family-focussed events such as quad bike riding, river rafting and cultural drives through the region. There will also be a display of classic Jeep vehicles, a Jeep clothing and merchandise shop, sponsors’ exhibitions and live evening concerts.

At Euro Camp Jeep, our owners are able to live life in a Jeep vehicle like they never before imagined,” said Hausch. “They can learn more about the amazing capabilities of a Jeep, meet great people and have fun with their families. Most of all, they experience personally, in every aspect, why the Jeep brand way of life has become legendary.

Jeep Event “Gives Something Back” to the Region The Euro Camp Jeep weekend will also see something returned to the Aosta region by the visiting Jeep owners. In keeping with the “Tread Lightly” program, which promotes careful, considerate and responsible off-road driving and protection of the environment, 150 trees will be planted by the Jeep owners to further enhance the health and beauty of the area around La Thuile and to replace those which were destroyed in a recent avalanche.

Additionally, DaimlerChrysler, in conjunction with the Valle d’Aosta Region and the Commune of La Thuile, have jointly funded a project to replace an important bridge in the surrounding mountains. The bridge, which provides essential access to the ski runs for emergency rescue vehicles, was destroyed by recent heavy rains and snow melt. Previously only passable to people on foot, the steel construction has been completely rebuilt to enable it to carry vehicular traffic, and during Euro Camp Jeep it will be officially named “Ponte Jeep”. Prior to the start of the event, the bridge will be officially dedicated and opened by Hausch.

We are delighted to bring Euro Camp Jeep to the Valle d’Aosta region, which has the natural setting to make this an unforgettable Jeep experience,” said Hausch. “We are also pleased to be able to leave behind something that allows others to enjoy this beautiful region in the future, through our tree planting and bridge repair program.”


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