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nth Degree Mobility
Nth Degree Tummy Tucker for Jeep YJ and TJ

nth Degree Tummy TuckerCarson City, NV -Nth Degree Mobility has designed the strongest, highest clearance skidplate you can buy, and no body lift is required! Many versions of the Tummy Tucker are available for your YJ, TJ, and Rubicon to fit most t-cases and transmissions. All TTs are ¼” steel with multiple gussets for maximum strength. Each kit comes with a repackaged transmission bracket and new dual isolators which sit to the side of the transmission, giving you maximum clearance.

The main YJ/TJ version has only 1.25” drop, and the Rubicon version has an additional .75” drop under the t-case front output. There is also a flat rail-to-rail version available for those with a body and motor mount lift. Easy to install, only minor floor denting is required for Rubicons, and a C/V shaft is required for all models. No other modifications or additional equipment necessary. There is also a DIY version that makes it possible to adapt a TT to whatever non-stock drivetrain you have (fabrication required).

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